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Welcome to our Applewood Toys Blog, where we go in-depth on wooden kids toys

Play-Based Learning & Open-Ended Toys

Have you noticed that your child learns better when there is an aspect of play involved? Do you want a few more minutes to enjoy your hot coffee while your kids play independently? At Applewood Toys, we see you and we understand! That's why we are dedicated to the development and growth of young minds, through high-quality open-ended toys that can be used for both play and learning. Our products will be a valuable addition to your child's open-ended toy collection, and to their early childhood learning curriculum.

Whether you're looking for wooden figurines and play sets for your toddler, preschooler, or elementary-aged child, our kids toys are carefully designed to engage and challenge children at various stages in their cognitive, social and emotional development. Whether you are looking for wooden toys to engage with your child, incorporate into their homeschool curriculum, or are purchasing for a preschool or daycare institution, you'll find toys designed to promote:

- Creativity

- Imagination

- Curiosity

- Independence

Hand-Painted Watercolor Aesthetic at a Lower Price

​Are you tired of plastic toys and mass-market wooden toys that don't suit your needs, and aren't aesthetically pleasing? Are you concerned about the high cost of individually hand-painted wooden toys, or the fact that many are not made in the US? Our unique hand-painted watercolor aesthetic makes our wooden play sets beautiful for parents, and calming for children. They look stunning on your toy shelf, double as home and holiday décor, and cost much less than individually-painted wood toys.

Wooden Kids Toy Business​

Applewood Toys is a female-owned small business located in Denver, Colorado. We are committed to providing extremely high-quality, eco-friendly and child-safe toys for children. We create a variety of products for children, and curate a collection of complementary products from other small businesses.

Complementary Products for Kids

From wooden play sets to playdough bio-cutters, from our small world items to unique children's books, you can find high-quality products to foster a love of learning and play.

Coming Up in our New Blog Series

You might be wondering why we've started a blog for Applewood Toys. One of our goals over the next few months is to show you all of the many ways our handmade wooden toys can be used. From sensory and small world play, to fine motor skills and math activities, to holiday décor and scavenger hunts, we'll he highlighting our top 20 ways to use our wood kids toys in your play and learning. We hope to provide inspiration, encouragement, tips, and ideas.

We hope you'll follow along with us on our journey! Stay tuned for our first post in this exciting series! We hope it will give you five more minutes to drink your hot coffee in the morning!

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