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Stacking Wooden Toys

This week in our series, "This is How We Play with Applewood Toys", we focused on stacking! This is one of our favorite ways to play with our handmade wood blocks for kids.

How to Stack

Stacking our wooden blocks and figurines is challenging and encourages your little one to work on problem solving skills and balance.

To stack, simply start with about 1-4 blocks as a base, then start adding on to them. See how high you can stack them!

Since the angles of our handmade blocks and figurines are not straight and perpendicular, stacking them adds a level of challenge. Kids can learn about weight distribution as they play!

Best Wooden Toys to Stack

The great thing about our wooden kids toys, is that any of them can be stacked in some way. Even those that wouldn't look like they could be stacked, can be stacked. If all else fails, you can always stack them on top of one another flat.

Vintage Blue Truck Block & Farm Animal Figurines

This week, we also shared lots of inspiration for stacking our wooden blue truck block and farm animal figurines. For more photos, see our Reel on Instagram at the link below.

Stacking Inspiration

For more stacking inspiration, see our Instagram Reels from this week! Next week the theme for our #playwithapplewood series will be: Small World Play!


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